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Uninstalling CDS-Documentation

We recommend removing older versions before upgrading, as subsequent removal of older versions may damage later installations. Follow these steps to uninstall the current CDS-D program from your computer.

Open Settings>"Add and Remove Programs" and remove the following items in the order shown: If any of these components appear not to uninstall, it is because they are already gone, and you can ignore the entry in Add and Remove Programs.

If removing version 3.2.x

  • CDS-Documentation and MSAccess Runtime

  • CDS-Documentation 3.2.2

If removing version 3.0.15

  • CDS ACCESS Runtime 2003
  • CDS-Documentation ver 3.0.15
  • CDS-D 3.0.15 Support Files 3.0.15

If removing versions prior to version 3.0.15, the names of these components may be somewhat different, but the order of removal would be the same.