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Press Release
June 21, 2010
rev. February 23, 2012

Conservation Data Systems, LLC
releases CDS-Documentation (CDS-D)
into the public domain

CDS-Documentation is a computer program for documenting the conservation treatment of historic and artistic artifacts. Designed by conservator John R. Watson, and developed and published by programmer James F. Judson, the software offers professional conservators the first comprehensive and broadly customizable treatment documentation system available anywhere. In the five years from 2005-2010, development of CDS-D was supported by commercial licensing; CDS-D users now are to be found on nearly all continents. A list of enhancements traces the development of CDS-D since 2004/5.

By 2010, several commercial or grant-funded initiatives were underway, each promising excellent new alternatives for conservation documentation.  CDS has strongly encouraged and in some cases, contributed to the design of these efforts. As these products become publically available, links will be added to this page.

CDS-Documentation continues to be a viable solution for conservation treatment documentation, at least until future changes in operating systems render it inoperable. Note that it works correctly in Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7 operating systems. Several users have reported successful implementation on Macintosh computers running Windows emulation software.  The program is now in the public domain as a free, fully functional download.

We particularly hope the software will continue to serve the conservation profession as a conceptual model for new methods of treatment documentation. The user's manual  and videos may be of particular value for that purpose.

A limited number of requests for support will be answered as time permits. Please contact us by email. Note that the software will receive no further development from Conservation Data Systems.

Thank you for your patronage and please enjoy the now-free CDS-Documentation.